Paint Your Own

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Want to have a go yourself?

Fancy having a go at painting your own pottery?

Our studio is located on the beautiful Greek island of Corfu. We have a range of cute animal figurines, or, if you want something practical, plates, bowls and mugs, for you to paint your own designs on.

Prices start from just 12 Euros, and include all you need to create your own masterpiece. We will professionally glaze and fire your items in our kiln, for a long lasting, usable momento.

You can just drop by to have a go, perfect for escaping the midday sun, or relaxing in the evenings.


Is it your birthday? Or maybe your hen party? 

 Come and celebrate with us. Feel free to bring your own food and drinks, get together and have fun producing your own masterpieces. ( Advance booking required please ).



You can find us on the road to the port in San Stefanos in North West Corfu