About Us

We are a husband and wife team, who between us design and paint all the items that you see for sale here.

We are orginally from Wiltshire in the UK

In 2006 we moved to Florida, where we were introduced to the world of ceramics when we bought and ran an established studio in Orlando.

After a successful 2 years in the US, we returned to Wiltshire, where we established a new studio. 

However, after 5 years, we missed the sunshine just too much, and in January 2013 moved to the beautiful Greek island of Corfu, where we enjoy the lovely pace of life, friendly people, and beautiful scenery, which inspires our creativity.

So, remember if you are in Corfu  come to visit us in our studio in San Stefanos NW to say 'Hi', and view our products that are available to purchase.